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Geetanjali, the creator, author and photographer of Spoons Of Flavor.

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Welcome to Spoons Of Flavor – a gallery of Indian food, both vegetarian and nonvegetarian recipes. I am Geetanjali the author, photographer and the person behind this blog. I share mostly Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Apart from this, you will find some fusion recipes and world recipes as well. The recipes here are easy-to-follow, tried and tasted. Cooking is my passion. The inspiration for cooking comes to me from my mother and grandmother. They are great in the kitchen. The main moto of starting this blog was to keep records of my cooking experiences. I believe food is the only thing which brings people together. On a daily basis, I prefer healthy food. However, not always. 🙂 One thing which is a must in my cooking is fresh ingredients.

Other than cooking I love to indulge in traveling, gardening and sometimes painting. I have a few feather friends (cockatiels). Earlier they were two. Now they have become five. They are really great pets. I believe it’s the simple things in life that make every moment truly amazing.

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If you have any question, suggestion or just to say hello, email me on contacts.spoonsofflavor(at)gmail(dot)com.

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