Diwali Sweets Collection | Diwali Sweets Recipes Collection

Diwali Sweets Collection
Diwali sweets collection recipes

Diwali, the festival of lights is the most awaited festival in India. It symbolizes the vicory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. The celebration is not complete without sweets. And nothing beats the warmth, the authenticity and the deliciousness of homemade sweets. So here is my collection of a few Diwali sweets recipes which I have posted earlier.

Channar Payesh | Paneer Payesh Recipe

Paneer payesh

Kheer Potol | Kheer Bhora Potol | Parwal Sweet Recipe

Kheer bhora potol

Shahi Shakkar Pare | Shahi Shakkar Para

Shahi Shakkar Pare

Peanut Ladoo / Peanut Ladoo with Jaggery Recipe

Peanut ladoo with jagerry

Seviyan Kheer / Vermicelli Kheer / Semiya Payasam Recipe

Seviyan kheer

Coconut Ladoo | Coconut Ladoo with Milk | Nariyal Ladoo Recipe 

Coconut ladoo with milk

 Bengali Nolen Gurer Payesh / Rice Pudding with Date Palm Jaggery

Bengali nolen gurer payesh
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