Thursday, 15 March 2018


Watermelon Juice Recipe

Watermelon juice recipe

Watermelon juice recipe is a refreshing coolant drink for summer. The water content of watermelon is very high pack with rich nutritional value and of low calorie. So good for health watchers. On a hot summer day, nothing can be so much refreshing and satisfying as a freshly made chilled glass of watermelon juice. 

This watermelon juice is a family favorite and a regular juice at home. It is very simple and tastes awesome.  Made with only three ingredients. You just need a sweet watermelon and the rest two ingredients are easily available in any kitchen. The rounder, heavier watermelons with yellow spots are considered to be the sweetest and juiciest... a trick to pick the correct one😊 My mother used to make it without using any grinder or juicer. This one is a replica of that. Do try it this way. You will thank me later☺. But if you have a shortage of time than you can use a grinder or juicer.  The watermelon which I have used here is very sweet. So  I have not added any extra sweetness. You can add if you want.

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500 grams watermelon
1/2 teaspoon black salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly crushed black pepper


  • Cut the watermelon into big slices. Then slowly grate one by one using a grater. Now strain the juice and add black salt and crushed black pepper.
  • If you are using a juicer, then cut the red flesh part separate from the rind of the watermelon. Slice into small pieces. Remove the seeds. Now put all the above ingredients together and make a smooth paste. No need to add extra water.
  • Serve it fresh in a serving glass or keep it in the refrigerator to drink it later. 

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  1. This is my favourite juice come summer.

  2. I simply love watermelon juice.. so cool and refreshing.

  3. Simply the best juice one can have in summer, I don't mine with some chaat masala :)